Keep Your Bathroom Clean with These Helpful Tips

The bathroom of a home is one of the most used rooms in the house, making it one of the easiest places to clean and maintain. With daily water usage, constant soap scum, body oil, and other dirt and grime exposure, and frequent temperature changes and humidity in the air, it’s easy for a bathroom to fall into disrepair—especially if your bathroom products are already old and deteriorating. While a dirty bathroom is a terrible first impression and an eyesore, it can also harbor a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow and contaminate the air you breathe on a daily basis.

The cleaning regimen for an older bathroom space will certainly take longer to complete than for newer, more advanced products. That’s because today’s products are engineered to repel dirt and grime, and to fight mold and mildew growth before it starts.


The use of mild soap and water with a non-abrasive cloth or pad can be used for regular cleaning of the wet area. The use of harsh chemicals and scrubbing devices can dull many surfaces over time – so these should be avoided. A vinegar/water combination is also good for disinfecting – just remember to have proper ventilation & face covering to avoid irritation from the smell.


Stash a canister of disinfecting wipes in your bathroom cabinets to always have them on hand. These wipes can make quick work of any type of cleaning in just seconds. By making it a habit to use one every night or morning, you can assure that your bathroom will always stay clean.


Used dryer sheets are usually statically charged, making them perfect for picking up hair or dust bunnies. Keep a stash of used dryer sheets in your bathroom cabinets to easily clean up hair, dust, or lint without having to break out the vacuum cleaner.


Bar soaps are one of the most traditional accessories used in the bathroom. Chances are, you use these quite frequently in your own home. However, they can cause quite a mess when used day in and day out. Consider switching to a foaming soap or liquid soap dispenser to keep your bathroom cleaner.


By keeping your bathroom cabinets organized, all of the items you use in your bathroom will have a specific place to go when finished. While this may be a learning process for younger kids, and some adults, building this habit can help you keep your bathroom clean and organized after each use.

Along the same lines, consider adding more towel bars to hang wet towels if necessary. Walking into a bathroom with wet towels strung throughout the place not only can damage fragile fixings and the walls behind them, but it also gives your bathroom a terrible look. Investing in more towel bars will ensure that after each bath, your guests or family members will have a place to hang their wet towels to dry.

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